OddBods: Go Bods

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What is OddBods: Go Bods?

OddBods: Go Bods

Go Bods is one of the newest Oddbods Games online that you can play free of charge on our website right now, where you help these fuzzy creatures ride bikes and solve puzzles all in one, with an experience we would hate for you not to have since we've had an amazingly fun time with it ourselves!

Go Bods, Go!

Two Oddbods sit on their vehicles on the opposite side of one another, and you have to help them reach the portal of the other ones to move to the next level. Clear a path for them to do so by solving puzzles where you have to pull levers, cut ropes, and move things around, since their trajectories are not complete, and they need to be.

When the road is clear, click on the Bods to make them start, and if they both reach the opposite portal, you will have won. The faster you finish a level the more points you get, and you can receive from one to three stars per stage depending on your performance. Start your fun new adventure with the Oddbods right now, and stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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