Oddbods: Food Stacker

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What is Oddbods: Food Stacker?

Oddbods: Food Stacker

Food Stacker is a game that fits the Oddbods Games category really well, since the fuzzy creatures really love food, and they want you to improve your skills as well, which are all elements of this lovely new addition on our website, where we can bet you're going to have an awesome time, just like we have had!

Become the best Food Stacker in Oddbods!

The claw at the top of the screen will hold food such as sandwiches, hot dogs, sodas, burritos, burgers, and many more, and as the claw moves left and right when you click or tap, the food is dropped.

Drop the food in order to stack it on the food below and make a tower as high as possible, as the distance is measured and represents your score and performance.

If you drop them wrong and the tower falls, you lose, so that is why you should focus on also grabbing the hearts by dropping food through them when you can, for extra lives.

We want to wish you the best, good luck, and tons of focus, after which we hope to see you around some more since we never run out of amazing games to share with you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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