Ben 10 T-Rex Runner

Ben 10 T-Rex Runner

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Ben 10 T-Rex Runner
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Ben 10 T-Rex Runner Overview


Ben 10 and dinosaurs are two things that boys really love to see when they play games online, which is why when we've got a game that has both of these elements in it, it can only result in a fantastic new experience like no other, which is what we are going to provide you with right now in the game called Ben 10 T-Rex Runner.

Run and jump with Ben 10's T-Rex:

This game takes the classic dinosaur running and jumping game that you can play on Google when the internet is down gives it a brand new look and makes it even better by having Ben 10 riding the dinosaur, with you having to help him advance a distance as big as possible since your traveled distance is your score.

As the dinosaur that Ben is on the back of keeps running forward by itself, you will tap on the screen to jump over the cacti on the track, and you also need to avoid birds that are flying towards you, since bumping into any of the obstacles means losing and having to start again.

You will start off at a normal speed, but the more you advance, the faster the T-rex will run, so you need to focus more so that you don't bump into the obstacles.

The game is that simple, so now that you know its rules, we hope nothing holds you back from starting it right now, and having fun like only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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