FNF vs Tux Trouble (Beastie)

FNF vs Tux Trouble (Beastie)

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FNF vs Tux Trouble (Beastie)
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FNF vs Tux Trouble (Beastie) Overview


In the new mode you will have to be strong and brave because you have to start a war against Gnu and Duke in order to save TUX, the Linux mascot. Beast, the 4'2 demon keeps him hostage, and this will not end until you manage to win the battle on rap rhythms that has just begun.

What does Beastie from FNF look like?

This is the incarnation of the devil, it is a red (virtual) devil, who has two horns on his head, positioned sideways, and the only item of clothing he wears are his shoes, which are green and white. Another differentiating element is the tail of the devil, which has an arrow at the end.

In the new mode, you will have to dance to four new songs, and these are the following:

  1. Hornz
  2. Daemon
  3. Trolling
  4. Floss
The dialogue

Gavroche, we've been over this multiple times you're paying rent this month.


Og wow, where did this speacker system come from?


Oh right, you must be here to save Tux. Listen, I'd love to let him go, but he ate my french fries back in highschool and now he has to pay the price.


  • Programming by ninjamuffin99
  • Art by PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r
  • Music by Kawai Sprite
Mod developed by:

This is an open-source game, and you can support the developers here.

How to play?

Use the arrows to dance against Beastie!

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