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Deep Worm

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Deep Worm
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Deep Worm Overview


Deep Worm is an action game with huge worms, killers, which you will have to control as well as possible so that you can eat as many soldiers, civilians, military cars, fighter planes, or even military helicopters that fly over you.

Worms that eat people

In order to kill as many soldiers as possible, you will have to go underground until you notice that the soldiers are going on a mission above you. The moment you are under them, you will have to come to the surface, as close as possible to the soldiers, so that the giant worm manages to eat them. If you touch them, these soldiers will die, and you will earn bonus points that will help you advance in this mission.

The game takes place in the desert, which facilitates the mission of the killer worms because they can enter and exit the land very easily.

Pay attention to the obstacles you have at every step and try to avoid the attacks of soldiers who will try to destroy you, to shoot you using all the weapons provided.

After a while, you will notice that the army will bring even more forces against you, which makes this mission more and more difficult.


In order to destroy as many elements (people, soldiers, cars) that are positioned horizontally, we advise you to go with the killer worm as close as possible to the surface of the earth, and when you attack, do not go out much from the ground, because you will be discovered a lot and enemies can attack you.

How to play?

Use the arrows to move.

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