Poom - Doom Remake

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What is Poom - Doom Remake?

Poom - Doom Remake

Doom is that classic shooter game that so many people remember fondly, but lots of kids in this new generation don't know anything about, which is why a remake of this game that is available to play on browsers was definitely a great idea, which is the reason why right now on our website you get to play and have fun with Poom - Doom Remake!

Destroy all the demons on Mars, and survive the onslaught!

This game is an 8bit remake that uses the Pico-8 engine, which has been more and more popular over the years, and your main goal is to use your guns and other weapons you acquire to shoot down all the demons and monsters that you encounter on the planet Mars because otherwise they will attack and eat you, something you must prevent at all costs!

First, learn about the controls, so you know how to navigate this world with your soldier. You use the arrow keys for moving, and with the mouse, you aim and shoot your weapons. Choose a level of difficulty you think is best suited for you, and then start having fun right away, like only here is possible!

There are six levels in total, where you have to navigate the facilities you are inside and defeat all the enemies you run into, and know that there are blue envelopes you can use to replenish health, as well as armor packs you could pick up.

Good luck in your high-octane shooting adventure, and make sure to stick around for all the other cool new games of the day still coming for you!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, mouse.

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