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Fly THIS! Overview


Online games with airplanes are a source of fascination for many kids and adults alike all over the internet, so if you are a big fan of these flying games online yourselves, coming over to our website and playing the game called Fly THIS! was one of the best calls you could have made today, and after you learn how to play it and are able to give it your best, we're sure you will enjoy it plenty!

Become the best commercial flight airplane pilot ever!

You will not be flying military planes in this game, since this is a more laidback game where you are the pilot of a passengers plane, where you have to make sure that all the people are going to reach their destinations on time since no one wants their airplane to get delayed or anything like that.

To do so, use the mouse to draw lines between one airport and another, making your routes. You will pick up passengers in one place, deliver them to another airport, and after it is loaded with new passengers, do the same to reach your new destination.

At each level of the game, you have a number of passengers you need to deliver in order to complete it, simple as that! If you reach it, you advance to the next one, where you have even more stickman people to transport.

As you can see, you are in for lots of fun right now, so we really hope you won't be missing out on any of the fun right now, since it would be a real shame!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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