Tank Hero Online

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Tank Hero Online
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What is Tank Hero Online?

Tank Hero Online

On our website, you are about to find and play one of the best new tank shooting games online, and the reason we are saying that is because this is quite different from most tanks games online you are used to, because you don't do a lot of tank driving, as usual, but instead are focusing more on how you aim and shoot with the cannons on it.

Play Tank Hero Online and prove yourself a true sharpshooter!

For starters, know that you can play in either the easy or difficult levels of difficulty, and depending on your choice the tanks you challenge are more powerful, and the levels and their maps are more tricky to deal with. Clearing levels earns you points, and know that you can use those points to buy new upgrades and make your tank stronger.

You are going to use the mouse to aim and shoot at the other tank in each level, having to destroy it before it can do the same to you since it will shoot back, you can bet on that. Sometimes, between the two tanks there are various obstacles, some static, some moving, so try to find the best time to shoot past them.

More health and new lives, as well as ammo and upgrades, are sometimes dropped from the sky using parachutes, and if you shoot through them you can have them collected and use them. Good luck, enjoy, and have fun becoming the hero of tanks!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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