Volcano Chase

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What is Volcano Chase?

Volcano Chase

The most exciting adventure you can have with the Kingdom Force on our website is now one click away, with our administrative team inviting everyone to check out the new and awesome game called Volcano Chase, where volcanoes are erupting all over the animal kingdom, and only you and this band of animals can save the day and all the people around!

Can you outrun the lava and the volcano's wrath?

Together with each of the members in the Kingdom Force you will try to outrun a volcano, and you do it in each of their kingdoms, where they came from, and you will be able to drive their customized vehicles, one cooler than the other one.

You will tap and hold the left mouse button to accelerate forwards on the tracks, jumping over the pits, jumping on ramps, going through ups and downs, while making sure not to crash or get hit by the lava that is flying from the volcano.

Reach the end of each course without dying, and you win that level, it's that simple. Good luck to everyone, and we hope that you stick around and keep having fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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