Muscle Run

Muscle Run

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Muscle Run
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Muscle Run Overview


We know that running games online 3d are some of the most popular games of the moment, which is why our team could not have missed the chance to share with you all right now the tremendous game called Muscle Run, where you will try to run and gain muscle, which does not happen in real life, as you usually lose weight by running, but this game is way more exciting, so allow us to tell you more about it right now!

Run, get bigger, and smash everything you encounter!

You are going to control a man running, using the mouse to direct him on the path, with the goal being to collect as many of the energy packs you encounter as possible since they will make you bigger, gain muscle, and, thus, increase your points.

Make sure to avoid bumping into obstacles along the way, since you will have to start the runs again from scratch, but, in the end, there will be multiple sets of bricks in front of you, so give it your best to smash them and gain extra points.

We hope that for each level that you go through, you get three out of three stars, and have tons of fun as only here is possible, where we will never stop bringing you the hits!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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