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Muscle Challenge

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Muscle Challenge
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Muscle Challenge Overview


The Muscle Challenge online might make you interested in going to the gym IRL, but before that, why not try to get some really big muscles virtually, where you are going to do it not just by yourselves, although that is an option, but you can also play against another real opponent using the same computer, as this is one of the best new hypercasual games in two players free of charge from our website, which we highly recommend, and we will now introduce you to it, worry not!

Take on the Muscle Challenge online, solo or in 2 players!

First, let's make a quick description of what you do in the One Player mode, in which case you can use any set of controls from down below, and you will have a multitude of levels in increasing order of difficulty, but it is precisely that challenge that makes things more fun.

Move your avatar left and right as they run on the courses, where you need to run into healthy food like carrots, spinach, broccoli, or chicken, and you even have amino acids in blue that you can grab to get an increase in muscles, as you will see them growing bigger, and so does your power level.

You need to gain as much mass and power as possible by the end of the run, where an enemy, like a muscly deer who boxes awaits you, and you need to hit them to defeat them by depleting their health bar. If you're weaker, you will be beat up instead and lose. To prevent that from happening, avoid road blocks, obstacles, and, even more importantly, bad food like french fries or milkshakes.

  • Player 1 moves with A, D.
  • Player 2 moves with Left, Right.
  • In the SP mode, you can use either set of keys, and you can even use the mouse to swipe left and right.

As you earn coins from fights and finished runs, use them in the main menu to upgrade your general statistics of the bodybuilder, using the three upgrades:

  1. Attack
  2. Health
  3. Coin

For those wanting to play in the Two Player mode, your screen is split in two, one for each bodybuilder, and you race on the same course, with the one that gains more mass and wins the fight faster winning the muscle race online!

Let's begin right now, only here, whatever mode you will be playing in, give your very best, and if you're two at the same computer, visit our category of 2-player games online for free, there is more where this has come from!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Race and fight while avoiding obstacles solo in 1P, or with another real player in 2P, both really fun modes!
  • Eat good food to grow big muscles, avoid bad food to get skinny or fat, and lose power.
  • Acquire skins of superheroes, robots, and other cool guys in the shop.

How to play?

P1: A, D.
P2: Left, Right.

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