Yes or No Challenge Run

Yes or No Challenge Run

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Yes or No Challenge Run
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Yes or No Challenge Run Overview


Yes or No Challenge Run is a spin-off from a previous 2-player game, which was mostly a quiz game, but this one also adds the format of hypercasual runner games online into it, making it even more dynamic and fun, an experience we fully endorse and we've had ourselves, which is why we can now tell you what and how to do it so that you can your friends can have fun as well!

Start the Yes or No Challenge Run online and give your best at it right now!

You can play by yourself, in which case you can use either set of controls you wish, but if playing in two players, which is how we recommend, here are your keys:

  • Player 1 moves with A, D, and uses the mouse to pick answers.
  • Player 2 moves with Right, left and uses the mouse to pick answers.

You both control girl avatars, which you will use to pick answers at every gate, and trivia questions, and if you pick between yes or not correctly, you can advance. After that, between gates, catch beauty products and useful ones to get more beautiful, while avoiding bad ones that make you ugly and sad.

The first player to reach the finish line, and the one who looks the best, wins, so focus on both of them! This is a game where you need both beauty and brains, and it will improve both of them for you, so feel free to begin right now, and then stick around for even more fun to come!

How to play?

P1: A, D, Mouse.

P2: Left, Right, Mouse.

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