Muscle Shift

Muscle Shift

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Muscle Shift
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Muscle Shift Overview


Muscle Shift is going to be one of the craziest hypercasual running games 3D online you get to find and play on our website right at this moment, a guaranteed hit, just like you will hit things in it, and you can trust us when we say that you've not played games quite like it in this genre before!

Muscle Shift and run towards victory!

As your stickman runs through the course, you need to tap on the red button when you need muscles, a lot of them, so that you can kick down the red obstacles in your path, and then click on the yellow button when you need to be leaner, so that you have more speed to go through the yellow obstacles.

Alternate between these two modes of having muscles, and then not having them, so that you run towards the end of the courses and cross the finish line, and the more bonus points you can get at the end, the even better.

Each new run you go on will increase in the level of difficulty it has, but the same goes for the amount of fun you will be able to have with it. Start right now, only here, and maybe invite your friends to check out our daily content as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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