Halloween Idle World

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What is Halloween Idle World?

Halloween Idle World

Now is the best time to play the latest Halloween Games online on the internet, as you know damn well that we are bringing them for you the whole month, and we are making sure to only share with you the best of them, just like it is happening right now with Halloween Idle World, which is great fun since there are few idle games with Halloween out there!

Create the best Halloween world with this awesome idle clicking game!

You will have a haunted house and you have to keep on clicking on it to produce skulls, skulls that act as a currency, which later on can be used to upgrade the level of the house, making it even bigger.

The bigger you make the haunted house, and the more you rise up its stats, the more money (skulls) you earn, and the more you can advance, so try to soar the skies with your huge house and scare everyone around.

Put zombies, ghosts, demons, and other creatures all around you, and raise the scary meter as high as possible, since it's Halloween, and it's all about it. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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