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It's not really every day that you can find and play geese games online, even more so when these non-flying birds act as the avatars that you embody, and are also multiplayer io games at the same time, in 3d, but that is precisely the kind of experience we are delighted to invite you to have here right now with the addition of!

Become the top goose on the farm!

You will find yourself on a farm, and you move around the yard using the mouse, having to eat bananas, cookies, apples, and anything that is represented as food, since that is how you grow bigger, and the bigger you become, the more chances you have to survive.

That is because bigger geese than you can attack you and eliminate you from the match, but if you become bigger than them, you should eliminate them instead, of course.

Eat health packs as well to replenish lost health, and be on the lookout for coins that you can grab and collect, which can later be used in the shop to get new skin or make yourself stronger.

Choose the name you want to be known as, and then start giving this game your very best from the get-go, having fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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