Colorful Bugs Social Media Adventure

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What is Colorful Bugs Social Media Adventure?

Colorful Bugs Social Media Adventure

Two girls who want to get big on social media want to do a series of cosplay outfits and pictures to raise their profile, and this is what we invite you all to join them in the fun with by playing the game known as Colorful Bugs Social Media Adventure, where you will give them the makeover that they need so much, and, certainly have tons of fun together!

Try the bug makeover for a social media outfit that will trend!

You will dress up each of the two girls individually, but, first, pick one of the random secret pictures, and, then, the wardrobe will be changed to have clothes that are inspired by the bug in that photo. Mix and match the various tops and bottoms to match the bug's style, pick a hairstyle too, and don't forget accessories, such as purses.

Take a picture of the two girls dressed up as bugs together, but, first, decorate the pictures with various stickers and filters, to make them look more interesting. You then post on social media, and with the money, you earn from ad revenue you can buy new clothes, create a new outfit, and so forth until the two bugs become social media celebrities!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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