Football Killers Online

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What is Football Killers Online?

Football Killers Online

Games that combine mouse skills with solving puzzles all in one are always a ton of fun to be had, even more so when they are as high-quality and fun as the one we invite you all right now, where you will do football shooting with a different purpose than you are used to!

Become one of the killers in football, literally!

In each level of the game you have multiple enemies you have to defeat by shooting them with the soccer ball, and to do that you are going to use the mouse, drawing a line and a path towards the enemies, going straight through them to kill them.

The number of shots you have per level is limited, so make sure that you don't waste them all, because if that happens, and your targets are not killed, you have to start again.

On some levels, you need to shoot the ball towards other things to get multiple enemies in one go, such as the ball made out of rock that you make descend on a ramp.

Good luck we wish you all, tons of fun from start to finish, and invite you to stick around for more of our amazing games, you're not going to regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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