Ice Queen

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What is Ice Queen?

Ice Queen

Welcome, all to Ice Queen, which is one of the best new puzzle-adventure games with interactive features to have been added on our website, a game where we have had tons and tons of fun ourselves, and we are pretty positive that the same will be true for you as well!

Can you reach the Ice Queen on your adventure?

You will control your character, a guy, using either the arrows or the mouse, with the goal being to move through your the snow-covered levels in order to reach their end, with the ultimate goal being to reach the Ice Queen at the end, and win and complete your adventure.

Along the way you will use levers to open doors, cages to move up and down, and you will need to grab things to bring to people so that they give you keys in return, keys that open paths for you to advance on!

If you think hard and always strive to move forward, no level will be too difficult for you, and we're sure you will love the game from start to finish, just like we have had!

How to play?

Use the mouse or arrows.

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