Hamster Maze Online

Hamster Maze Online

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Hamster Maze Online
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Hamster Maze Online Overview


Hamster Maze Online masterfully combines skill elements, with puzzles, animals, and adventures all in a 3d-rendered environment where you are about to have a really awesome time from start to finish, just like we have had because that was the main incentive from our team to share this game with you as well!

Help the hamster through the maze!

Use the mouse or the finger to interact with the touch-controls on the screen, which is how you move the maze hamster through the maze, where he needs to get past platforms, obstacles, and various other items, and if you reach the end of the course, you earn lots of snails as rewards.

Don't get stuck, fall into pits, or be hit by too many traps, because you will lose, and you should also try collecting as many fruits along the way as well if you want to get a big score. It's all that simple, and tons of fun, guaranteed, so we hope to see you begin your hamster adventures right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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