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Published09.02.2022 manages to take everything that you know and love about battle royale games online and make it simplified, which only makes everything more fun and more interesting, just as you will learn right now from us teaching you how it works, and then by playing it yourself and doing your very best! - 2D Battle Royale Game!

You will have a 2d map where you move your blob of a character using the WASD keys, you click to make attacks, and F to pick up items, which can be either upgrades or bonuses, or weapons that will help you fight better.

The main goal you have is to defeat the members of the other team before the time granted for the match, and despite the map is large, it shrinks at various points in the match's duration.

Even if you don't manage to be the last player standing, at least try to get in as many kills as possible so that you climb the rankings and take the spots of top players for yourself.

We invite you to start the fun right now, and we hope that you stick around for more of it, on our website, there is always something new right around the corner!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, F key.

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