Wolf Simulator Wild Animals 3D

Wolf Simulator Wild Animals 3D

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Wolf Simulator Wild Animals 3D
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Wolf Simulator Wild Animals 3D Overview


You can now be a wolf in our latest wild animal simulator 3D, which we are sure is an experience that will captivate the hearts of many of our players, since wolves are some of the most interesting animals that are out there, and who would not want to see how they live, at least virtually, and have an interesting adventure?

Live like wild animals with our Wolf Simulator 3D!

Start by choosing the gender you want your wolf to have, the character's name, and know that the most important stats you have are your health bar, your energy bar, your food count, and your gold count. Completing quests will award you with either gold or meat, but you can always buy meat with gold.

Meat is great since it gives you energy. Walk around the forest, meet with other wolves or other animals, sometimes even humans, do some hunting, and do anything else you can do in this open-world simulation and adventure game. Move using the WASD keys, and attack with the left mouse button. Press space to jump, shift to run.

Of course, you also have customization options, and along the way you can modify the way you look like a wolf, making yourself look better, or be stronger.

Let's start our new life as wolves right now, have the best time possible as an animal, and then maybe try some more simulation games online of ours, we've got the best!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, spacebar, shift key.

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