Stickman Huggy

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What is Stickman Huggy?

Stickman Huggy

Combine Huggy Wuggy Games with stickman platform-adventure games online and you get one of today's best gaming experiences, as our team is delighted to invite you all right now to play the game called Stickman Huggy, which is precisely that and much more, with you being guaranteed an awesome time like you always are in this category!

Let's have adventures with Stickman Huggy!

You find yourself in a multi-layered platformed world where there are pits, traps, and obstacles that you have to avoid through your journey to the endpoint of each level, and to move around and jump you use the WASD keys.

As you proceed through each level, also try collecting as much cash as possible, since it represents your score, and you would want a big one, isn't that right?

Finish all the levels before the time runs out. The basics are that simple, and no matter how hard the levels get one after another, we are sure you will be able to give it your best and win nonetheless! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys.

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