Cube Craft Survival

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What is Cube Craft Survival?

Cube Craft Survival

Cube Craft Survival is a brand new action-adventure game inspired by the survival parts and modes of Minecraft Games, with the world and characters also being made out of cubes, but it will look quite fresh and awesome nonetheless, with us being positive you will be having tons of fun either way!

Survive the Cube Craft world right now!

Move using WASD, rotate the camera with Q, E, use the mouse to attack, take, or interact, and use L-shift to attack the nearest thing, space to interact with the nearest items. Now that you know the controls, let's see how you will use them.

You will find yourself in the cube forest, where you have to survive by scavenging, finding food, protecting yourself from the elements, most importantly the many enemies in the form of animals or other creatures.

Keep an eye on measurements such as health, food, water, and happiness, because keeping them high is important, as them reaching zero levels will cause you to eventually lose.

Survival is something that all of us should learn more about, and we're positive this simulation game 3d will help you a lot while also offering you tons of fun, so start it right now, you won't regret it!

How to play?

Use WASD, Q, E, space, shift, mouse.

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