Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie

Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie

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Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie
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Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie Overview


Poppy Survive Time: Huggy Wuggy is one of the best new horror-survival games with adventure elements in 3D to have been added into this category, which has only risen in popularity since its creation, and this game will help with that even more, as we've got no doubt that this high-quality entry is going to help you have fun by being scared!

It's time to survive the Poppy horrors of Huggy Wuggy!

If you play the Escape mode, you will have to move through the factory, find keys, clues, and useful items, all the while hiding from the Huggy Wuggy toy that haunts the place and wants to kill you. Don't let it get close to you and capture you for anything in the world, or you lose and have to start again from scratch.

The Shooter mode is filled with more action since you move through the factory, pick up weapons and ammo, and use them to shoot down Huggy as well as other monsters that you encounter in order to get as many points as possible in return. Of course, they attack you too, so don't let the monsters get you!

Move with WASD, use F to hide, interact with items or use them, mouse to look around as well as aim and shoot, C to crouch, R to reload, G to drop items or throw grenades, T to unhide. Start your newest scary adventure right now, and make sure to stick around for all the other amazing daily games to come, free of charge!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, F, C, R, G, T keys.

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