Poppy Playtime GrabPack Connector

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What is Poppy Playtime GrabPack Connector?

Poppy Playtime GrabPack Connector

Welcome to Poppy Playtime GrabPack Connector, a new interactive puzzle game 3D featuring the world and mechanics of the Poppy Playtime Games online we know you love dearly here, of which we would only want more, which is why we did not miss the chance to share this one with you right now!

Use the GrabPack Connector in Poppy Playtime to solve the puzzles!

The goal you have that will complete each level is to connect the red energy source through a wire to all the lights in the room, something for which you use the GrabPack with one right glove and one blue one.

Go to the red dot, grab the blue wire, and move it over to the pillars with the lightbulbs, moving over them in order to surround them completely, which is when you see the lights go up, and you finish the level.

Move with the WASD keys, interact with the mouse. Things get increasingly more difficult stage after stage, but we're sure you will do great from start to finish if you focus enough and have plenty of fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse, WASD keys.

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