Papa's Cupcakes Bake & Sweets Shop

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What is Papa's Cupcakes Bake & Sweets Shop?

Papa's Cupcakes Bake & Sweets Shop

Welcome to Papa's Cupcakes Bake & Sweets Shop, one of the best new cooking games online for kids, mainly girls, but we invite boys to play it too, since learning how to bake cookies, cupcakes, and sweets through an easy and fun online game is one of the best things everyone could be doing right now!

Papa's Bake & Sweets Shop is amazing, let's make some cupcakes there!

Before any kind of cooking or baking can be done, you need ingredients, so go to the shop, where you will have to match the shadows to the products and items inside, matching them to do your shopping until the whole list is full and you have all you require.

Simply follow the on-screen instructions you further receive in order to cook and bake the cupcakes, using all the wonderful kitchenware, tools, and devices in the kitchen that have been given to you, and Papa is always there to help, worry not.

Start now, have the best time possible, and when you're done, don't hesitate to invite friends over for fun as well, something tells us they will really love it here too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Flipline Studios

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