Hotline City

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What is Hotline City?

Hotline City

Hotline City is a shooting-action game in which you will have to use your skills as a shooter, and a detective you have so that you can complete a total of 6 different missions. The first level of the game is a tutorial that you will be able to complete quite easily, the purpose of this level is to learn to move, to use the weapons in the game, and also get acquainted with the main character.

Your mission will be to knock out your enemies!

In order to knock out an enemy, you will have to hold SPACE and left-click, and at that moment your fighter will execute punching movements in the enemies in front of him until he destroys them. As you progress through the game, you will be able to get new, more and more powerful weapons that you can use to eliminate the mobsters coming toward you. The first weapon you find will be a baseball bat, followed by a machine gun, a pistol, and so on. To raise your weapon, you will need to right-click when it is next to a weapon.

Beware of bullets coming at you from enemies. If you are killed you will have to resume the mission from the beginning, but the good part is that a mission you complete will be saved and you will not be forced to start again if you are shot.

How to play?

W, A, S, D - to move

Right-click - to pick up weapons

R - to restart the mission

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