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Taz Mania

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Taz Mania
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Taz Mania Overview


Start the Taz Mania with one of the most popular Looney Tunes characters in the world, Taz the Tasmanian Devil, who is now the protagonist of an older console game that we have now ported and unblocked for you, so you can now play it free of charge, directly from your browsers, with no download required!

Taz Mania is here, have fun with it!

You will press enter to start, and then control Taz by moving with the arrow keys, jumping with Z, and doing his signature rolling attack with the X key. Move through the island by jumping over the pits and obstacles/traps you encounter, since hitting or falling into them means losing the game.

There are also monsters you need to be careful about, some of them which you can eat, some which you need to avoid at all costs so that they don't eat you. The more creatures you defeat in your journey, the bigger your score becomes, so always aim for a big high score.

Know that you only have three lives per run, so if you lose all of them, you lose the whole game and have to start it all over again from scratch, instead of checkpoints. Natural dangers and alien creatures are going to be found at every step of the way, so help Taz prevail through all of them and complete your adventure!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, X keys, Enter.

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