Taz Spinball

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Taz Spinball
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What is Taz Spinball?

Taz Spinball

Taz Spinball is here to show you once more why Looney Tunes Cartoons Games online from our website are always a really awesome time to be had, with no exception, and in case you want to know how this one goes in particular, and what you're invited to do in it, allow us to explain, so you can begin the fun right away!

Play Spinball with Taz from Looney Tunes NOW!

Taz will be spinning around, as that is his ability, and you can use the spacebar to make the pins disappear, or you can press F to get help from the character you've chosen to have as your assist one.

The game is similar to pinball, and you have to spin around hitting from one pin to another, as you hit all the boxes, all of which need to be smashed completely to finish a stage.

Depending on how fast you can do that in a level, you get from one to three stars each time, so we really hope to see you get the hang of it quickly, and get those 3/3 stars each time.

Now that we're sure you've got the premise, feel free to experience it right now, and don't hesitate inviting friends around for fun as well, we're sure they will love this and any other games they find here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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