Poppy Shooting Survival

Poppy Shooting Survival

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Poppy Shooting Survival
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Poppy Shooting Survival Overview


Welcome to Poppy Shooting Survival, a brand new action game with driving, shooting, and all-around scary fun as your enemies are none other than multiple Huggy Wuggy dolls that have come to life and are haunting the forest you are in, where you become a robotic soldier tasked to defeat these foes.

Shooting Poppy will ensure your survival!

Of course, what you have to do is simple, which is walk around the forest or drive with your car, and you have to run over the Huggy Wuggy enemies that appear, or shoot them down if you're equipped with a weapon and out of the vehicle. You should also try collecting coins.

Defeat all the monsters in a level to advance to the next one, having a total of 100 ones, one more difficult than the one before it. Don't lose all your health, or you have to start again from scratch.

Move/Drive with the WASD keys, F to enter a vehicle/grab a weapon, mouse to use the weapons, shift to run, space to jump, CTRL to roll. Now that you know all this, you are prepared to face this new horror situation and get rid of the world's most recent evil doll, Poppy Playtime!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar, shift key, CTRL key, mouse, F key.

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