Impossible Noob

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What is Impossible Noob?

Impossible Noob

Do the Impossible with Minecraft's Noob in one of the best new puzzle and skill games online 3D on our website, which, as you might have probably realized from the title, is inspired by Mission Impossible movies, as similar to one of them, the Noob needs to infiltrate an office, hanging by a rope, which you will take full control of un!

Complete the Impossible Mission with Minecraft's Noob!

You are hanging by the rope from the top floor, and you will automatically start going down, but when you hold the mouse, the rope stops. Hold the Noob so that you don't get blocked by the doors that open and close, because if you step through one that is closed, you get shocked and you lose.

Instead, time the descent of the Noob on the rope so that you walk through all the doors safely, collect all of the briefcases along the way for some extra money and then reach the office with the computer down below, where you get to extract the data you were hunting for.

With the money you earn you can go to the Shop, where you can buy new skins for your Noob character, to keep things fresh. Each new level features more floors to descend through, making the mission more difficult, but with enough focus and dedication, we are sure you will complete all of the levels!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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