Dream Restaurant

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What is Dream Restaurant?

Dream Restaurant

Dream Restaurant is a serving game online 3d with stickmen, one unlike we've had on our website ever before, where you will physically work way more than in regular games of this genre, since you use the mouse to actually move the food around, instead of just giving commands or taking orders.

Work at your Dream Restaurant!

Use the mouse to move the stickman server around the restaurant, picking up the food that customers ask you in their thought bubbles, and then bringing it to their table, picking up the money they leave behind, and you can bet that they will give you a big tip if you work fast and smooth.

The cook will diligently make the food and as the number of customers increases, so does the money you earn, but make sure not to get overwhelmed, because if too many people leave dissatisfied, the restaurant's reputation will diminish, and you might lose the game.

Make each day more profitable than the last, and have intense fun, preparing for the day you might one day work at a real restaurant yourself. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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