Kong Climb

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What is Kong Climb?

Kong Climb

Kong Climb is one of the best new skill games with jumping online to have been added to our website, inspired by the classic stories of King Kong, a monster who looks like a huge monkey that comes to the city and climbs even its highest buildings, which is what you are attempting to do right at this moment in this game!

Climb as high as possible with King Kong online!

As Kong climbs on one wall, when obstacles, usually humans, but inanimate objects as well, appear on his wall, you have to click on the screen or tap on it, if playing on a phone or tablet, to jump over to the other wall, and this way climb a distance as big as possible, always trying to reach more meters high than last time.

If you grab the hot peppers, you will get a jumping boost that will help you fly really high into the air, and the bananas offer protection as shields for a few seconds, so you can bump into any obstacle and still go. When not equipped with it, touching the obstacles means falling to your death and losing. Good luck, enjoy!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.