TikTok Urban Outfits

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What is TikTok Urban Outfits?

TikTok Urban Outfits

The two girls featured in this game, and their boyfriends are all on TikTok, where they are quite big stars, which is why they are always trying the best new fashion trends for the platform, just like it happens right now with urban outfits, which you will dress them up in as a stylist, and surely will have plenty of fun doing so!

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For each girl, you will get plenty of tops, bottoms, jewelry, purses, or glasses that you can mix and match together, and you also have a selection of makeup color schemes to pick from and apply on their faces.

When done with each girl, move on to their boyfriend, where you will do the same with tops, bottoms, sneakers, and accessories, because both of them need to look amazing next to one another. It's that simple, start right away!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.