Bonnie's Bakery

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What is Bonnie's Bakery?

Bonnie's Bakery

We've just added Bonnie's Bakery online for you all right now knowing that you love playing the best cooking games online on the internet, and one of the best sub-genres for this is definitely that of a baking game, as Bonnie loves cakes and baked goods more than anything, which is what she devotes her time towards cooking for her clients, now with your help!

Let's run Bonnie's Bakery and make it the perfect restaurant!

Each client coming to your restaurant will show you what they want to be baked for them, and you will then go to the kitchen area, where you pick the right ingredients, put them in the right kitchenware, and use all the tools at your disposal to cook them what they want as quickly as possible.

If your clients wait too long for their food, you can bet that they will leave, and that will hurt your restaurant, so try very hard not to let that happen too often. Let's start this fresh experience now and here, and then make sure you check out even more of the games of the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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