Pinball World Cup

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What is Pinball World Cup?

Pinball World Cup

Pinball World Cup is a game added for all those of you who want to improve upon or test yourself at playing pinball games online, which have always been a staple, as it is one of the arcade games that translates the most to a virtual environment, and we now hope to see you smash all the pinball machines!

Can you win the Pinball World Cup online?

The contest takes place through 20 levels, each one more difficult than the other one in regards to the machine's difficulty, and you can get from one to three stars in each stage, depending on your performance.

To win a level you need to score then goals just like in soccer, only you shoot your balls through the pinball machine using its paddles that you control with the left and right arrows.

The less it takes you to finish a level, the more stars you get at the end of a level, so focus to be fast and skilled, focusing and maneuvering the paddles as well as possible. Let's start now, shall we?

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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