Grab Pack Playtime

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What is Grab Pack Playtime?

Grab Pack Playtime

Grab Pack Playtime is an amazing new interactive puzzle game to have been added into the world of Poppy Playtime Games online for free on our website, a format that will always be welcomed here greatly, as solving puzzles has always been an integral element of these scary adventures!

It's Playtime with the Grab Pack of Poppy!

In each level you have to get two hands on the pack, one red, one blue, over to some sort of item, be it a TV, hook, button, lever, or other items, but always without getting caught by Huggy, Kissy, Mommy, or other scary toys from the factory.

Use the mouse to take control of the two hands and move them around, but know that their movements are not really that retractable, so if you fail, you usually need to start the levels all over again from scratch.

The puzzles get increasingly harder as you advance, and the monsters scarier, but we're positive that if you focus and give your best, you will end up on top and have the best time possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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