Super Beats

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What is Super Beats?

Super Beats

A rhythm game inspired by guitar hero games featuring songs from DC Super Hero Girls? Sign us up! That's what we invite you all to play right now free of charge on our website, where daily we make sure to bring you such amazing new games, and if the premise is already interesting to you (for sure it is), don't hold back and start playing right now!

Play Super Beats with the DC Super Hero Girls!

Choose between the Easy, Medium, and Hard levels of difficulty, to begin with, each having a song that matches that level, and try reaching their end by playing their notes correctly more than you make mistakes because if the bar on the top left of the screen depletes, you will have lost.

When the colored tiles get close to the buttons with letters and colors on them, press the identical keys to hit your note, and if you make a streak of at least ten, then a hero girl appears to encourage you, and you then earn more points for the notes as long as the streak continues.

There are five keys, just like the five strings on the guitar, and the keys are:

  • A
  • S
  • D
  • F
  • G

Now you know the game's basic premise and gameplay, so you should be ready to give it your very best right away, something we hope to see you do, and then we hope you keep on playing games from this category or any others, you won't want to miss out on all this fun!

How to play?

Use A, S, D, F, G.

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