Starro Attacks

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What is Starro Attacks?

Starro Attacks

Starro Attacks is a crossover game between DC Super Hero Girls Games and Teen Titans Go, which makes quite a lot of sense, firstly because both shows air on Cartoon Network, and, secondly, they both come from the DC universe, where Starro is an alien monster in the form of a star that wants to take over humanity, something you will stop right now, and which we will teach you how to do it!

Starro Attacks, so help the DC heroes stop it!

In each level, the alien spaceship is rotating in the sky, and from down below, with the hero that you control at that moment, you will shoot at it, having to shoot the heroes into the star, and if all get inside of it, they can overpower it and defeat it, finishing the level.

Watch out for traps, since you must avoid sending heroes directly in them, and if you hit a hero with another one, you also lose, so make sure to time your shots as well as possible each time you are playing. Good luck, great focus, and skill we wish for you, and more of you we hope to see, as every day we bring you the best games out there!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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