Pokemon Sors

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What is Pokemon Sors?

Pokemon Sors

Pokemon Sors is a brand new Pokemon Hack based around Pokemon Red, meaning that it is a revamped version of that original game with tons of new features, a brand new storyline, and lots of awesome new Pokemon added by the fans, so if you are fans of these games, we're sure that you will immediately get hooked to this new experience!

Play Pokemon Sors online unblocked!

The game's setting is in Hupest, 300 years after the Lunar Eclipse, an event that changed the whole region, as Pokemon there started to morph and change into new ways, and you play the role of Asher, a boy on a mission to become the best there ever was at catching and fighting with pocket monsters.

Go around the region, capture Pokemon by fighting them and placing them in your PokeBalls, and use them to also battle other trainers. Each monster has its own moves you can use, and you can also take advantage of various potions if you got them packed with you.

Deplete the health bar of the other monster first to win. The bigger set of monsters you have, the better chances you will have at defeating everyone and becoming the master of the region!

How to play?

Use the keyboard.

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