Helicopter Rescue

Helicopter Rescue

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Helicopter Rescue
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Helicopter Rescue Overview


Helicopter Rescue is one of the most unique hypercasual games in 3D to have been added here in a while, since it is also a shooting game online, it has stickmen and helicopters, and one awesome level after another, guaranteed, something we know from our own time spent playing this amazing game. We will now explain it to you, making sure you can enjoy it fully as well!

Make the Helicopter Rescue a success!

Instead of having to save a helicopter, as you might expect from the title, you are in a helicopter and are using the Gatling gun equipped on it to save the blue stickmen soldiers from your company, as they are being chased by the enemy foes, who are stickmen in red.

Use the mouse to handle the gun as it automatically fires, and aim it towards the red stickmen to kill them, preventing them from reaching your troops, and make sure to avoid friendly fire as well. If your soldiers reach the destination of each level, then it will have been cleared, and you can advance forward.

While each new level is more complicated than the one before, they are also more fun, and guaranteed, so start right now, and stick around for more to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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