Helicopter Assassin

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What is Helicopter Assassin?

Helicopter Assassin

Helicopter Assassin is going to be one of the top new shooting games online 3D from our website you want to play, a FPS game online with a twist in it, because you will be twisting around in a helicopter in this game, doing so in order to shoot your targets, something we will now teach you how to do!

Become the best Helicopter Assassin online!

As you hover around the buildings with your helicopter, use the mouse to aim and shoot your guns at the targets inside the buildings, making sure to bring all of them down to clear the level, but be careful, because once you start shooting, they know, so they will be shooting back.

If you lose all your health points, you have to restart the mission. It goes without saying, that each new mission is harder than the last, but trust us when we say, that is what makes them even more fun. Start now, only here, and come back tomorrow, when we will have prepared yet another slate of awesome games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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