Assassin Commando Car Driving

Assassin Commando Car Driving

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Assassin Commando Car Driving
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Assassin Commando Car Driving Overview


Play Assassin Commando Car Driving to experience one of the most thrilling action games with cars in 3D from our website, a hypercasual experience tailor-made for the boys and men who come here in search of experiences that test their skills, reflexes, or precision, which is the case with this game.

While in most assassination games you need to be stealthy, here you are a killer on wheels, going up against targets that are also vehicles, so you need to be more heavy-handed in your attacks, drive with intent to kill, and always stay ahead of the competition!

Join the Assassin Commando and use your Car Driving skills to win!

Through the first stage, you will drive out in the desert, a really dangerous environment by itself, and after finishing a set of six levels, you will change maps, but the level of difficulty will also increase aggressively.

Your car has three main elements to use:

  • the cannon on the top of it, which you use to shoot enemies from a distance
  • the weapon on the side of the car, like a hand that extends itself and punches other cars
  • the defensive bar in the front, which you can use to hit vehicles from behind and deal damage to them
Engage in car battles!

Hold the mouse button and drag left and right to steer the car as you accelerate down the road, and bump into motorcycles, cars, and trucks of the enemies from the sides, from the back, or shoot them with your cannon to destroy them, having to dispose of all the assassination targets in a level to clear it, doing so by the time you reach and cross the finish line to win.

Boost speed and weapons to be a better assassin!

On the tracks you will find speed boost in the shape of arrows on the ground, so drive over them to get extra speed, and with the money you earn from completing the missions, you go into the main menu to buy the upgrades for the three kinds of weapons you have, leveling them up to get them to be stronger. You might find power-ups as you drive as well. Use ramps to jump over the pits in the tracks.

Beware of the dangerous environment!

Not only should you avoid getting shot or hit by the enemies you're chasing after, but also beware of rocks, and roadblocks like the towers of tires, explosives, and the like, because losing your health points means losing the game.

Defeat enemies while driving in a world of fuel, action, and war similar to that of Mad Max, prove yourself the best assassin on wheels, and join us for more games for boys to play free of charge here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Upgrade the car in the garage to become stronger!
  • Drive over the arrows for speed boosts.

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