Special Rescue Team

Special Rescue Team

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Special Rescue Team
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Special Rescue Team Overview


Special Rescue Team is a shooting game online in a hypercasual format, but with a helicopter, which is the air vehicle that you will use to shoot down all your foes, in one exciting level after another, we promise, as we know just how much of an amazing time you can have with it from our own experience with it!

Join the Special Rescue Team and shoot away your enemies!

Your enemies are sitting in a towering skyscraper, where you need to surround them with the helicopter, and, as you ascend and descend as you rotate around them, making sure to click or tap to shoot at them, and eliminate all the targets in a level to clear it.

Of course, the levels only get more difficult, as you will have more enemies, but they also will start noticing you faster, and start shooting back at you, so make sure not to miss, or you might be shot down instead.

As you clear levels, with the money from that you should be able to buy new weapons to use, becoming stronger, faster, and more accurate thanks to them. Let's start right now, only here, and tell your friends to come over and catch our amazing games too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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