Escape Plan: Egyptian Castle

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What is Escape Plan: Egyptian Castle?

Escape Plan: Egyptian Castle

You are stuck inside an Egyptian Castle, so can you make the best Escape Plan and find the rays of the sun, and with them freedom? That is the question that this new puzzle and arcade game poses to you, a really awesome logic game that is interactive, readily available across platforms, and free for you to enjoy right now, where we are sure that each new level will stimulate your brain and make you smarter as you finish them!

Formulate the best Escape Plan to exit the Egyptian Castle!

Why are you stuck? Well, you're a thief and went there to get the treasures hidden inside, so now you are inside of a room which you try to unite with the room with the chests, so use the mouse or finger to move the character's room around, matching it up with the door to the other one.

If you achieve that and they link, the robber can move on to steal the loot, and the level will have been cleared. Be careful about spikes and other traps or dangers, as you might fall into them if placing the rooms wrong, but also guards and enemies, which cause you to lose the level if they catch you.

Good luck, and great thinking we wish you, most importantly, and we're sure you will really enjoy this game a ton!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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