Dinogen Online

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What is Dinogen Online?

Dinogen Online

Dinogen Online is a new kind of PVP multiplayer shooting game 3D that we are definitely very excited to share with you on our website, mainly because it involves dinosaurs just as much as it does humans, as the two could face one another in the arenas and maps of this game, and we've got no doubt at all you are going to have an incredible time taking part in all this action!

Play Dinogen Online and shoot away at people and dinosaurs!

You can choose to play by yourself in the local modes, or just dive straight into the multiplayer mode, where you can either jump quickly into a room, find one you like or maybe even create one yourself.

Shoot away at the enemies on the map and make sure that you survive, and you need to defend your flag from being taken by enemy forces, while you need to capture theirs to win the match.

Of course, as you keep winning matches not only do you climb up in the rankings, but will be given money in return that you can use to buy better gear and weapons.

Move with WASD and use the mouse to aim and shoot your weapons. Now that you've certainly understood the awesomeness of this game, give it a shot right now, and shoot all the foes you encounter!

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How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the mouse.