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Crime Moto Racer

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Crime Moto Racer
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Crime Moto Racer Overview


Welcome to Crime Moto Racer, added here because we know very well how much you enjoy playing motorcycle driving games in 3D on our website, and when it comes to this format, well, any of them, for that matter, we make sure to bring you the best, and this one is definitely hitting all the marks we would want from such a game, and you're about to have guaranteed fun!

Become a Crime Moto Racer online right now!

You can play on a road that goes One Way, Two Way, with the latter being more difficult, as you've got oncoming traffic to worry about as well, and you can also choose the Time Trial mode, where you try to finish each course before the time runs out. For the first two ones, you have an endless road to drive on, but only until you crash, which is when you lose.

For the tracks, you can also change the weather: Sunny, Night, Rainy. Use either the ARROW keys or the WASD keys to drive, and make sure not to hit traffic, but reach high speeds and keep going on, because the more you go, the more money you get. With the money, you can get upgrades or buy full new bikes from the garage/shop.

It's as easy as that, so we wish you all the very best, as always, and we would love to see you here some more, as new games are always on the menu!

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