Zombie City Master

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What is Zombie City Master?

Zombie City Master

Zombie City Master is a brand new point-and-click adventure game online that our administrative team is delighted to be sharing with you, since there are few zombies games online like it out there, as they usually tend to head more towards the direction of action-heavy, but this is more about story and adventure, as well as solving puzzles since that is what you need to be doing to survive the end of the world!

Become the Master of the Zombie City!

The main character, a girl, fainted and entered a coma when the Zombie Apocalypse first started in her city, and after three months she woke up in the hospital, where zombies were trying to get inside her room, so the first thing you do is use a drape to get out of the room through the window since the door is dangerous.

Through this kind of method, you interact with the items around the girl, using them to go around the zombies and continue your survival until you finish the story, which means staying alive. It is that simple, and we're sure that is very fun too, so let's begin right now, and make sure to tell your friends about our amazing games too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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