Muscle Race 3D

Muscle Race 3D

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Muscle Race 3D
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Muscle Race 3D Overview


Play Muscle Race 3D online to help a bodybuilder put on as many muscles and weight as possible, something that you do by running, ironically, because that is when in real life you lose mass. Well, this time, you run and eat to get massive, and we're sure that you will enjoy the premise a lot, just like it has been the case for us!

Let's go on a race to gain muscle in 3D!

You are given one of four colors, and with your bodybuilder, you have to pick up the weighs in the same color, and then use them to grow stronger and bigger, and when you have power, use it to push walls out of your path, maybe ride on bikes, and get rid of any other kinds of obstacles on the lane of your color.

Do so until the course is finished and you have crossed the line first while being careful to avoid the computer-controlled weight-lifters that are also moving about because if they hit you and are bigger than you, they take all your weight. Of course, you can do the very same to them.

It's a simple yet exciting premise, one that we are sure you will enjoy, girls even, so start right now, have fun, and maybe tell your friends about our amazing content too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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