Spooky Escape

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What is Spooky Escape?

Spooky Escape

Spooky Escape is a different kind of room escape game in 3D that we now offer you on our website because, with such a title, you would expect to have to run away from ghosts haunting a house, but things are flipped on their head here, and instead, you are the ghost that has to escape the house, or the man catches you and gets rid of you. You don't want that, trust us!

Let's make a Spooky Escape a reality!

Control the ghost with the mouse on PCs and with the finger on mobile devices, clicking or tapping where you want it to go, and make sure to collect the skulls in each room, since you need them to get a big score, and then go through the door to the next room, where a new level awaits you.

Now, if the man who is walking around the room, or multiple of them, catches you in their view, depicted through a red light, you are seen and lose the level. Use the points you earn in the levels in the shop to buy new skins and looks for your ghost, and keep things fresh like that. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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